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Are you looking for an incredible place to go fishing and unwind, total relaxation, stressless, natural environment; then our area of Quebec is that very special place.  From the Decelles Reservoir, 25 miles south of Val-d’Or, Quebec, to the Lakes of Matagami and Villebon just north, this is a vast and expansive river and lake system covering 100's of miles of boating and fishing access. We have our own family cottage for our personal use in this same area.

Each of our waterfront custom cottages offers full furnishings, applicances, and the most spectacular waterfront views to rival any area in the world.  The total peace, tranquility, and majestic natural beauty will have you at the end of your visit, feeling refreshed, renewed, and inspired, where our family is sure you will seek to return. Rental boats and rental snowmobiles available in season.

Each season offers your family a wonderful opportunity to get away from the often common stresses of daily lives today. It is important now than ever for families to retreat, as a family group, and spend that quality time that bonds.  Your visit to the pristine nature of one of our waterfront cottages, as it is for our family, will be the highlight of your chosen vacation time.

Come and join us in what truly is God’s Country!  Click on our individual cottages for rates and availability. Our family guarantees your family the time of your lives!

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A snowmobiler's mecca!

Don’t forget the Winter Spectaculars!

Do you long to speed through miles and miles of snow, glide over frozen lakes, explore the immense boreal forest or travel to wonderful places that cannot be reached by car? If so, snowmobiling in Québec is for you! The two to four metres (6.5 to 13 ft.) of snow that fall each year, the 33 650 km (20,900 mi.) of trails and along lake edges and the possibility of travelling for days and days while being practically alone with nature make Québec the most popular destination in the world for snowmobiling!

Note: All cottages are non-smoking...dogs are welcomed with extra deposit paid

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